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Hay there!
Just an update on how things are moving forward!
For all you CANDLEMAN fans out there, you will be super glad to know that the next issue is well and truly on course for completion in time for BICS 2010 and will feature more wise cracking action than you can shake a candle at!
Also you lot of blog happy fools might find it of interest that there will be the release of a new character, THE MOOSE, at this years show and hopefully we (the CANDLEMAN crew) should be making our first stop at the Bristol Con in May of next year with the second part of A PAST LIGHT and with any luck an all new one shot adventure for CANDLEMAN called THE WISHING WELL, see the post before this for a glimps of the pencils!
I will go out on  limb here and say that I plan to have the start of the creation story for BICS 2011, but it is looking to be epic in the extreme, as in, it will make STAYING IN THE LIGHT look like something small and tiny, so the plan is to do it episodically, simply so there is something to buy for the next few years, the script is done and it weighs in at a hefty fifty plus pages, to give u an idea of what that means, SITL was only thirty... nuff said, as soon as Wishing Well is out of the way it shall be  the next thing to hit the drawing board, I promis.

Thats that
Chris P


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