B.I.C.S 2 0 1 0

Well, that was that for another year!!
BICS has been and gone, thanks to everyone who came back to get more CANDLEMAN and welcome to the crew all you newbs who have tasted your first mouthful from the fantastic comic spring that is CANDLEMAN!!
This year saw the release of The Moose, who went down with a resounding success and seemed to meet with approval from new comers and existing fans alike! I hope to sling out more action and adventure from the horned hero as soon as I can.

This years BICS also saw the CANDLEMAN brand gather even more momentum in the form of interest from a real, actual comic shop and toy emporium by the name of GRINNING DEMON, located in Maidstone, which is sweet! Meaning that the Man of Candle and the all new Moose will actually be gracing some shelves and hopefully generating hits, sales and interest out there in the world…

I’ve provided a little animated link here>>> and also a new tab on the links page that will put you in the clutches of the demon guys… if you so desire!

During the quieter moments of the show, I generated a bunch of con sketches, many of which were sold, but the ones that weren’t can be found on the blog page, if you feel the need to check um out!

That about wraps it up for news, uh, keep your viewing balls locked to this page though, as there will be a whole chunk of updates happening over the next few weeks, including improvements to the gallery, that should allow you to buy individual images with frames and all sorts attached, keep yer eyes on the shop as well, as the latest issues of The Moose and CANDLEMAN will be hitting the virtual shelves any second.

There may even be the possibility of merchandise and shiny stuff coming soon too, you’ll just HAVE to keep coming back to see wont you…



That's right, the Moose is all new and landing, guns blazing, at BICS 2010!
Differing from the Candleman comics, it still has a strong element of humour, but draws more of its influence from eighties action movies as apposed to hammer horror and the supernatural elements I find often dominate the world of Candleman.
For more info and a sneak peak of the cover, check out the blog!