All hail The Moose and his amazing guns akimbo action!
The Moose as a character has existed for a while and had a checkered history!
Starting out when I was in Art College in about 2001 where he was created he was probably my first original comic character and indeed my first attempts at drawing sequential art revolved around him.
The Moose followed me to university where many of my friends loved him as an idea, so much so, that several of us chose to develop him as an animated TV series, a journey that would see him owned by a production company for several years and charming the likes of Nickelodeon and Warner Bros, but unfortunately, due to lack of UK funding, to no avail.
The Moose fell short of his screen dreams, and now he’s returning to the printed page, I feel, where he belongs, and with me, I hope, a better artist, he will get the treatment he deserves.
This is most likelly the cover for The Moose first issue for October, rocks don't it!
The whole bacon thing! Debbie mad some joke and used the phraze 'face full of bacon' and I loved it so much I think it may be the new label for the comics, replacing Pink Ink.

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